is the online home of Joe Stallano - professional, student, developer, and marathoner.


I am currently working as a distribution specialist, with experience re-engineering processes to improve operational efficiency. My background in business economics, quality control, and operations staff training offer a unique perspective to software development.

I also have experience working as a software developer intern at a Fortune 100 company. This experience has allowed me to further strengthen my critical thinking and team-working ability.

Fueled by a passion for understanding the nuances of business operations, I consider myself a ‘forever student’. Eager to build on my academic foundation in business economics, I am currently pursuing a degree in computer science with a focus in software engineering from Oregon State University.

My thirst for knowledge and determination to turn information into results has contributed to my most recent success in e-commerce, where I’ve contributed to teams in order fulfillment, shipping, and freight operations.

I believe mindfulness and attention to detail in the workplace are keys to success, principles I live out through my interests in running, cycling, hiking, and meditation. I am always interested in a challenge!